Brewing Update: Campfire Stout is fermenting away

11.1.17 – Barrels are here and Campfire Summer Stout is being transferred!

Now we wait. We will try this beer in about 6 months to see how it is progressing! Stay Tuned!

9.14.17 – Campfire Summer Stout has been brewed! This beer will ferment in its fermenting tank until it is ready to transfer to barrels. Then it will age for upto 9 months! This barrel aged beaut will be worth the wait.

8.26.17 – August’s Winner! Campfire Summer Stout – Barrel aged Milk Stout with hints of S’mores! Perfect for sitting around a campfire.  We released a marshmallow style beer last year and people loved it! We are super excited to brew a similar beer and age it in barrels. Thanks, Mike, for submitting such a great beer idea. Congratulations on your win. We can not wait to get this beer brewing!

Mike is an avid CrossFitter and participated in a submission process where we gathered CrossFit beer ideas from across the country! His beer weighed in strong and will be brewed in the next week.



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