Brewing Update: Fruit Additions!

1.26.18 – This sour beer is out of barrels and in a tank for its fruit refermentation. We are blending it with 360 lbs of blueberries and 140 lbs of blackberries. YUM! Stay tuned for updates!

1.8.18 – It’s almost time! We will be pulling Gentlemen S-Tart out of barrels in the next couple of days! We will post pictures! Stay tuned.

11.15.17 – Barrel Tasting! This beer is still aging away! It is getting close, we are looking to pull it out of barrels in the next couple months! Then it will have a little time for ingredient additions and bottle conditioning. Stay tuned!

3.17.17 – Barrel Ageing Time! Gentlemen S-Tart Your Engines is moving to barrels. This beer will be sitting for quite some time. We will post flavor status updates as it ages.

2.24.17 – This sour beer has been brewed!! The beer is happily fermenting away. After its initial fermentation it will be transferred into barrels in our wild & sour room for inoculation with a special blend of souring bacteria and wild yeast for an additional fermentation and aging in barrels.

We are so excited to put out a crowdsourced sour beer!

1.28.17 – This will be a sour beer that could be enjoyed anytime of the year, as long as you’re revving your engine Mad Max style. Darker sour with hints of berries and vanilla, aged in oak. Pucker up! We are now sourcing ingredients and selecting a brew date! This beer will be barrel aged and it will not be released for the next 6-9 months 🙂 Barrel aged things take time! Cheers!

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