Don’t Fear The Foil Update: Shipped!

7/25/16 Don’t Fear the Foil is heading into bottles! Can not wait to get this beer out to you all! 7/03/16 This beer is lagering away!! 6/22/16 The brew for Don’t Fear the Foil went really well! This all malt lager is happily fermenting away and is set to... read more

Señor Bob Update: Shipped!

Senor Bob made a quick transition from barrels to its dry hop and into your hands. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do. Its smooth tequila goodness is subtle and lovely. 6/27/16 BARRELS!! Senor Bob has been put into its tequila barrels for its aging process!... read more

Black Tart Outlaw Update: Shipped!

10/12/16 The long awaited day is finally here!! Black Tart Outlaw has been packaged and is on it’s way out for all to enjoy!! This barrel aged beer is such a treat! We can’t wait for you to try it. Well worth the wait 🙂 Cheers!! 08/16/16 – 09/22/16... read more

Malt Shoppe Suds Update: Shipped!

Malt Shoppe Suds ETA Late May 05/19/16 Malt Shoppe Suds is coming your way! It is packaged up and ready to rock. 05/11/2016 The brewery is smelling great! Vanilla beans and sea salt are heading into Malt Shoppe Suds to give it that salted caramel malt flavor. We are... read more

Mystique Update: Shipped!

Mystique is tasting amazing! We are so excited to get this beer to you. It has been packaged up and is ready to ship! It will be in your hands in early June! Be sure to get your rare barrel aged double IPA. Mystique has been resting in bourbon barrels for a few weeks,... read more

Tune in to watch MobCraft on Shark Tank

  Tune in to watch MobCraft on Shark Tank! Madison, Wis.—February 29, 2016— MobCraft Beer Founder and President Henry Schwartz jumps into the Shark Tank and pitches the Sharks for a deal! Episode to air, March 11th 8:00pm CST on ABC. MobCraft Beer was founded in... read more

Mystique Update: Shipped!

Mystique has been packaged up and is heading your way! It will be in your hands early June! Have you reserved yours? 05/24/16 Mystique is tasting amazing! It has been dry hopped and we are prepping to package! This beer will be heading your way soon! Mystique is... read more

Tapping the Maple Update: It’s Ready!

Thanks for hanging in there with us through the re-brewing of this beer, The new batch is packaged up, and ready for pickup at the tasting room. 4539 Helgesen Drive Madison, WI 53718. Beer ordered for shipping through the craft beer temple will be delivered to them on... read more

No Stout About it Update: Lab results!

The No Stout About It test results came back from the lab and we are good to push the beer out! Look for bombers in a store near you, starting this week! If you preordered a 4-pack feel free to head by the tap room any time 3:30-9:00 Tu-Sa to claim yours. If you... read more

Spy vs. Spy: IPA vs. Black IPA

Visually of course there’s no mistaking one for the other, the one being, well, black. But you’ll hear even knowledgeable people say they’re the same, other than the color. Blindfold many a craft beer drinker and have them taste an IBA, and very few will guess it’s not an IPA. So then how come . . .

read more

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