Brewing Update: Imperial Hazelnut Milk Stout is Fermenting Away!

12.10.17 – It’s Brew day for this Queen! Leo and his friends are on their way up to visit from Chicago and brew this awesome hazelnut Milk Stout. It’s a gigantic brew! About 5,400 pounds of grain are going into this beer. That is equivalent to 4,150 squirrels! If you are into brewing squirrels – we don’t recommend it.

11.30.17 – Queen Hazel – Too much is not enough for this squirrel. The already decadent Aunt Hazel, filled with enough hazelnuts and vanilla to last a lifetime, demands more. Twice the vanilla, twice the hazelnut, and a hefty malt bill followed by an exquisite slumber in bourbon barrels, fit for a queen, gives us an imperial version of Aunt Hazel; Queen Hazel, long may she reign… Submitted by Leo F. out of Chicago, IL.

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