Yetserday I had the privilege to visit Wisconsin Brewing Company for the day with reps/brewers from several other WI Craft breweries to take part in the annual Common Thread Brew, a collaboration brew between all WI craft brewers as a show of industry solidarity and overall just getting together and hanging out. This year I was happy to see the common thread brew being headed up by all the wonderful women working on the technical brewing side of things, lugging hoses, shoveling grain and running CIP’s alongside the rest of us gents. The brew this year was a belgian Trippel, and they had the pilot brew on tap while the big batch was being brewed, not too estery and just enough malt to balance the alcohol with a low hop profile, needless to say I was a fan. I took full advantage of the opportunity seeing other brewers there and swapping stories with them on how they all ran thier brewing operations. There are as many different ways to brew beer as there are to skin a cat, and figuring out the best methods and practices that suit your particular circumstances can be challenging, but the best thing you can do is talk to/ visit as many different breweries as you can, to get a feel for what will and will not work for you. Which in my opinion is precisely what the common thred brew is all about.



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Orange You Glad,  Eggnogstic Stout,  Noctis

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