Listen up, MobCraft Beer fans! You already know that fantasy brewing is a reality, thanks to MobCraft and our loyal fans. But what if I told you that fantasy football could become a reality too? No, you’re not going to be the GM of the Packers, at least not on Ted Thompson’s watch. But you do have the ability to become an integral part of a brand new team in the Indoor Football League (IFL). Here’s the skinny: FANchise is a project that is putting the power in your hands as it’s the first crowdsourced professional football team in history. Yes, you read correctly. Fans ultimately have the vote on virtually every aspect of the team, from team name to uniforms, from personnel to the cheerleading squad, and from the playbook to—you guessed it—the beer.

This is where MobCraft fits into the equation. FANchise + MobCraft = 100% crowdsourced partnership. Now that’s some math that even we can do. By voting on the various elements of FANchise and continuing to support MobCraft, you are contributing to a craft movement that transcends both beer and sports. You are helping to construct a true democracy of awesomeness that would leave our forefathers salivating. So stay tuned for more information on how you can play a role in this epic adventure.

-Nick Rasmussen, 5/20/2016


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