World's First Crowdsourced Brewery

Established in 2013

This Is Us and We Love Beer!

At MobCraft we turn ideas into beer. Submit your idea, vote on what’s next. In 2011, MobCraft founders Henry Schwartz and Andrew Gierczak dreamt up an idea for a crowdsourced brewery where the people decide what’s brewed. We quickly outgrew our space in Madison and made our move to Milwaukee, WI in 2016! We love being a part of the Walker’s Point Community!

What’s Crowdsourced Beer?

Several times throughout the year we leverage the power of the crowd to generate ideas for unique craft beers. Beer fans across the US submit ideas ranging from a couple flavors to tried and true homebrew recipes. The ideas go up for vote on our website. Votes are cast by placing a pre-order for the beer you would like to see brewed. The beer with the most pre-orders wins and is brewed, packaged and available for pickup at the brewery.

The MobCraft Team

We are a hardworking bunch of people united by beer! It is our goal to make sure you have a great exbeerience. MobCraft Beer would be nothing without this dedicated team. If you see us in the wild be sure to say “Hi”! We would love to answer any questions you have! Or just enjoy a beer 🙂


Find our Beer in the Midwest!

Brewery & Taproom

Located in Walker’s Point

505 S 5th St
Milwaukee, WI


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