Furniture Barrels and Homebrew Barrels Available

We have quite a few barrels for sale! Here is what you need to know.

Barrels for Brewing – $100 – Contact us for purchasing and details
We have barrels available that have been recently emptied of beer or preservatives – these barrels are swelled and ready for beer to go into them again. Just be sure the barrel does not dry out too long or you will have to rehydrate it. Contact us to select the type of barrel you would like for brewing as our stock is always rotating – payment will be collected in the taproom upon pickup.
MobCraft Beer is not responsible for any outcome of your brews.

Barrels for Furniture/Decor – $75
These barrels have been retired from beer production. Sadly, they are no longer suitable for beer. However, they are great for DIY barrel projects!

Things to note:

  • If you plan to cut the barrel into sections – keep in mind the wooden staves will shrink a bit as the wood dries so be sure to fasten everything appropriately for your project.
  • If you plan to leave the barrel whole – keep in mind the wooden staves will shrink a bit as the wood dries. If you want it to maintain a barrel shape you will need to fasten the metal hoops to the wooden staves to keep them in place over time.

MobCraft Beer is not responsible for the outcome of your furniture.

Check out our support page to purchase barrels!

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