Brewing Update: Ready! Heading Your Way!

11.28.18 – After weeks of conditioning this BEAUTIFUL beer is ready to go! It will be released in our taproom Dec. 9. Cheers!

10.31.18 – This beer is bottle conditioning! It tastes incredible the color is so pleasant – like a smooth jam. Few more weeks!!

10.10.18 – We were able to get Berry Nice blended and it is still fermenting a bit. We are going to let it hang out another week or so until we set a packaging date.

9.5.18 – The beer is still developing in acidity. Could be a few weeks yet!

8.22.18 – Still working on moving beer around in the sour room! SO MUCH SOUR BEER!!! Hopefully we will have an updated timeline in here for you next week!

8.15.18 – We are sourcing berries and working on timeline for this awesome beer. It is still souring away and we need to make clear out a tank for blending in the sour room before we proceed. Patience is indeed a virtue.

8.2.18 – BREW DAY! James is here with some of his family and friends to brew the base beer for Berry Nice! We are also tasting some sour beers Adam, our sour guy, has aging away to nail down exactly what James wants out of the beer. We will have more notes in here about what that blend will be in the weeks to come!

7.16.18 – Labels are moving right along! Text is well underway and concepts are in the works! We should have some initial designs posted soon!

6.28.18 – Berry Nice! Wins! This will be a blended sour with raspberry and blackberry. Yumm. We can’t wait to get this beer blended and on fruit! Winner James will be joining us Aug 5th to brew and taste some awesome barrel aged sours for this special release. Stay tuned!

Our crowdsourced beers are typically only brewed once! Once they are gone, they are gone! Be sure to order your 2 or 4pk today!

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