It’s packaging day! The Stout tastes amazing. A beautiful blend of cayenne, coffee, cocoa and vanilla. We can not wait to get this beer shipped out.


This beer is happily fermenting away and we are getting ready to put in the cayenne pepper, coffee, cocoa & vanilla!! This beer is going to be awesome!


The Blood of Acan – A Mayan Mocha Stout was originally called Mayan Mocha Stout – We needed to change it up as a fellow brewery has already claimed that name so we discussed a new name with the recipe submitter who came up with “The Blood of Acan – A Mayan Mocha Stout” – Cocoa Powder, Coffee, Cayenne Pepper and Vanilla combine in this high gravity brew that whispers rich and spicy nothings into your ear. We can not wait to get this beer brewed! It will have the perfect amount of heat we will need to make it through the winter!! Congratulations, Matt on a solid beer recipe.

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