9.19.17 – Packaging day has arrived! We are finally ready to package Caplan’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout (slight edit to the name due to government compliance). Caplan’s definitely took its sweet time aging away, we are very happy with the flavor profile that aging process produced. It will be on its way soon. We are so excited!

11.10.16 – After a nice long ferment, Caplan’s Vanilla Bourbon Stout has gone into barrels. This beer came out of the tanks tasting amazing. We can not wait to try these barrels!! 9 months will go so fast… Age well dark beer, age well.

09.27.16 – Caplan’s Vanilla Bourbon Stout has been brewed! This big beer came out like smooth molasses and is happily fermenting away. Due to the size of this beer the fermentation will be a long slow process. We can not wait to get this brew into barrels.

A portion of all proceeds from Caplan’s Vanilla Bourbon Stout will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans organization (DAV). To learn more about this organization please visit their website here.

This VERY Imperial stout weighing in at 12.5% will be aged in bourbon barrels on split vanilla beans for at least 6 months. We are looking forward to some dark drinking goodness!! We are now working on getting the labels approved and gathering our ingredients for this heavy brew!

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