Moo-Waukee Wins! White Chocolate Milk Stout

Brewing Update: This Milk Stout has been Breewwwd! 9.30.18 – BREW DAY!!! Brew day has been an udder success. The brewery smells amazing, we are sharing great beers, great food and we get to brew a smashing beer. This beer will moove into its fermentor for the...

Mango Tango Wins! IPA with Mango and Strawberry

Brewing Update: Packaging day for this strawberry mango IPA 10.10.18 – Packaging day! Today is the day! We are packaging up Mango Tango and bottles will be heading out soon. 10.3.18 – Dry Hops!! It’s dry hop time! The hops are in and we will prepare...

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