Moo-Waukee Wins! White Chocolate Milk Stout

Brewing Update: Sourcing Ingredients for this Milk Stout 8.23.18 – Moo-Waukee Wins! A sMOOth white chocolate Milk Stout!┬áCongratulations, Chris on an awesome beer idea and for emerging out victorious. We are sourcing ingredients and getting a brew day locked...

Mango Tango Wins! IPA with Mango and Strawberry

Brewing Update: Sourcing Ingredients for this strawberry mango IPA 8.23.18 – Brew day is right around the corner! We will be brewing Sep. 2 and we can not wait to hang out with Steve and his posey to brew this awesome beer! Cheers! 7.28.18 – Mango Tango...

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