Brewing Update: Packaging!

8.28.19 – Packaging Day! We will be releasing this beer soon!

8.5.19 – Transfer complete! Now it is time for it to sit on cherry and cacao nibs for a bit.  

6.12.19 – Well, we are about ready to pull this puppy out of barrels! We are going for a light barrel character on this one so a shorter time in barrels is key! We are very happy with how the flavors are progressing. We will be moving this back into a fermenter in the next few weeks!

2.24.19 – We have moved Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cherry Stout into barrels! Woot! Now we wait. Since we are going for balanced bourbon character and nothing too overpowering we will be checking these sooner than we normally would. Stay tuned!

2.13.19 – Barrels have been ordered. The beer is rocking away and we are preparing to get it moved into its barrels.

1.27.19 – Brew day! Man, with all of the complex malts going into this puppy the brewery smells like we are roasting chocolate! We even threw cocoa powder in to round out that chocolatey goodness. Now into the fermenter! We will be purchasing barrels soon.

1.2.19 – Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cherry Stout! This name is a mouthful! Now to make the beer match. Congratulations, Jim on an awesome beer idea and for coming out victorious in the December vote.

Our crowdsourced beers are typically only brewed once! Once they are gone, they are gone! Be sure to order your 2 or 4pk today!

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