Donation to the Disabled American Veterans

James Caplan of Sacramento, CA, submitted Caplan’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout to MobCraft Beer’s monthly crowdsourced vote in August of 2016. His beer won the voting round! It was brewed and aged for over a year in fresh bourbon barrels.

When preparing for its release, James requested we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Disabled American Veterans charity (DAV). We happily agreed, and this Veterans Day we are thrilled to announce a donation of over $1400 in honor of James Caplan to DAV.

Caplan is a Veteran who served with the United States Marine Corps for 4 years at Camp Pendleton with Marine Air Support Squadron 3. He valiantly served on the first wave of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

From the Disabled American Veterans, “Thank you! Every dollar of your generous gift helps veterans get access to the resources they need to live a life of dignity — a life they deserve after sacrificing so much for our freedom.”  To make a donation of your own this Veterans Day visit their website.

“We are honored to donate to the Disabled American Veterans on behalf of James Caplan this Veterans Day. We thank you all for your service.” said Henry Schwartz, President of MobCraft Beer.

A limited amount of Caplan’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout can still be found at grocery/liquor stores in the Midwest. Find a store near you!

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