Here’s how we made it happen…

Durian fruit

is a rather large spiky fruit that contains small pieces of yellow custard like flesh surrounding rather large seeds the shape and color of unshelled Brazil nuts. In order to get at those unique and tasty morsels (sometimes called “smelly” by the uncultured or unsophisticated) we need to make an incision with a rather large knife (or machete, if you have one) not unlike slicing an orange in order to peel it, we slice the durian that we may peel back the outer spiky defensive layer revealing the cool quivering fruit flesh beneath. After that it is just a rather messy process of separating the flesh from the seeds (think pumpkin carving) and then turning it into a puree by means of a blender with a little hot water. Once this is done we heat it to 170 degrees for 20 minutes in order that we may pasteurize it, and we are ready to add it to our beer! Since a lot of the smellier compounds in the durian are sulfur based, we discovered that we were able to reduce (and remove!) the onion-y smell of the durian by heating (boiling) it well beyond normal pasteurizing temperatures in order to volatilize off the stench. Needless to say this knowledge will be incredibly helpful once we start adding the puree next week! So sit back, relax, and marvel at the power of the mustache.

Don Durio’s Filthy Mustachio will be bottled and ready to ship on the 22nd of January!

It can be preordered until it runs out!

and don’t forget the January vote is live, go vote!



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