Updates on November’s durian & cashew pilsner!

Long story short; meandering river of pale pilsner malt supports the languid and pungent raft of durian fruit as it carries you along shores dotted with the cashew-strewn rubble that was your expectations’ frail civilization.


  His story.. Young Don Durio, now a famous 16th century Spanish explorer, is humiliated at  the local harbor by another local ship captain for not having a grown man’s mustache. Durio  bets the rival ship captain that, if he’s able to return home with treasure from the far      reaches  of the world, he can shave off the rival captain’s mustache. The bet is set. Durio  sails for  the island of Madagascar, gets shipwrecked, and in the process of looking for food,  discovers the infamous fruit. Durio names the fruit after himself, “durian” and in process of  returning home with all of the stinky fruit, gets a “filthy mustache.”  

  Special Ingredients: Durian & Cashews
  ABV: 5.1%


          Don Durio will be brewed December 5th & ready to go January 5th!


First Label Sketch of Don Durio

Don’t forget that beer can still be preordered until it runs out!


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