How Crowdsourced Beer Works


At MobCraft, we brew crowdsourced beer! Each month you decide what we brew. You submit your idea then each month votes are cast by placing a pre-order for the beer you would like to see brewed. The beer with the most pre-orders wins and is then brewed, packaged, and available for pickup at the brewery.

Crowdsourcing beer is a great way to get you exactly what you want to drink and we all have a great time doing it! If your beer wins, you will receive a VIP brew day for you and your friends! Then when the beer is all set there is a release party, and of course, free pours for the life of the beer.

Never miss out on a crowdsourced beer! Sign up for a subscription or order as you go.


Have a dream beer you have been longing for? Submit your idea and we will figure out how to brew it. It can be as simple as “I want a Stout that tastes like an Almond Joy” to a full homebrew recipe. Generate pre-votes for your idea and it will be entered in a vote. The more pre-votes you get the better your chances are for making it into a vote.


The vote runs each month from the 1st-21st at 11:59pm. Each pre-order counts as one vote. Select which beer you would like to see brewed and click “Pre-Order Yours” follow the prompts to finish the voting process by entering your contact and credit card information. Don’t worry! If the beer that you voted on doesn’t win you won’t get charged.


When the voting round closes we begin designing the label, finalizing the recipe, and sourcing ingredients. The beer is brewed at the end of the following month. The beer is typically ready for release within 4-6wks of being brewed (unless it is barrel aged of course). You will receive an email when the beer is finished with direction to pick up your order and enjoy!

Got Questions? Check out our FAQ page for answers.

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