Updates on Winning Crowdsourced Beers

We’re Coming Your Way, Woodstock

MobCraft Beer Announces Equity Crowd-funding Campaign and Construction of Woodstock TaproomFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2021 Contact: Henry Schwartz(414) 488- MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN- WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS - MobCraft Beer of Milwaukee and...

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We’re On Our Way, Waterford!

MobCraft Beer announces equity crowd-funding campaign and construction of Waterford taproomFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2021 Contact: Henry Schwartz(414) MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - MobCraft Beer of Milwaukee and the Village of...

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See you soon, Denver!

MobCraft Beer and Dee Tacko Launch Joint Venture in Former Liberati BreweryFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2021 Contact: Henry Schwartz(414) MobCraft Beer and Dee Tacko will be opening a brewpub and taco restaurant in the former...

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Boston Cream Dream Wins!

Brewing Update: Getting ready to brew Boston Cream Dream!1.11.21 - Labels are moving right along! Ingredients are ordered and the brew day is set for the end of January! 12.22.20 - Boston Cream Dream Wins! This boston cream doughnut inspired stout sounds AMAZING. We...

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Scotty G.’s Pie and Ice Cream Wins!

Brewing Update: Scotty G.'s Pie and Ice cream Is being Re-brewed!  1.20.21 - Unfortunate update... Scotty G.'s Pie and Ice Cream did not meet our expectations and we have decided to rebrew the product. We anticipate releasing this beer in spring of 2021. Stay...

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Frooty Hopplez Wins!

Brewing Update: Frooty Hopplez has been Packaged!11.6.20 - Packaged! We will be releasing pre-orders soon! Look for it in the taproom and at distro while it is still available! Cheers! 10.15.20 - Getting ready to dry hop! Packaging to come in the next few weeks!...

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Tiki Bay Milkshake IPA

Brewing Update: Tiki Bay Milkshake IPA is Released!10.1.20 - Packaged! Watch for it in the taproom and at stores near you! 9.16.20 - FRUIT ADDITIONS! Fruits heading in! Getting close! After that ferments out we'll do a dry hop and prep for the release! Looking like...

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Hyperspace Double IPA Wins!

Brewing Update: Released! Get it while you can.7.20.20 - Cans are flowing again and this beer is all packaged up! See you at the release! 7.10.20 - Can delay! Unfortunately, our cans got held up... They should arrive next week and we will get pre-orders out as soon as...

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Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake IPA Wins!

Brewing Update: Released! Get it while you can.7.9.20 - Release party! Get the beer on tap and in cans starting today 7/10/20. Cheers! 6.21.20 - All packaged up! Anxiously awaiting the release in a couple weeks! 6.9.20 - We are one dry hop in and on to the next as...

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Eissturm – Barrel Aged Eisbock Wins!

Brewing Update: The Eisbock is Released 7.6.20 - Packaged! Join us for the public release July 18. 6.30.20 - The Eisbock is emerging from its slumber! We are blending barrels and preparing it for packaging! 2.27.20 - Into barrels with this bock! We decided to go with...

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Atoqua – Farmhouse Ale with Cranberry Wins!

Brewing Update: This Farmhouse Ale with Cranberry is Released!01.08.20 - This beer is officially in cans! The release party is schedueled for a couple weeks from now. Get it on draft in the taproom starting January 18. 12.06.19 - Cranberry is in! Now we wait some...

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Wishilicious – Blueberry Lemon Shandy Wins!

Brewing Update: this Blueberry Lemon Shandy is packaged!  6.24.19 - Packaging Day! This beer is all packaged up. Look for it in bars and stores near you!  6.12.19 - Ingredients are going in! 900 lbs of blueberries and loads of lemons! Special thanks to Valley...

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