Noctis is unlike any other brew, it can be described as an aggressive toast and roasted flavors with an undertone of sweet/malt on the nose. Taste is of a rich (but not decadent) stout with moderate-high levels of roasted flavors, fruity esters and a nice alcohol burn paired with a high moderate bitterness finishing out with a nice balanced sweetness. It will spend quite a bit of time in barrels, and the profile will change a little but, but as of right now its a rock solid base beer. It lives up to its namesake too. Its as black asmidnight on the dark side of the moon.

The name Noctis is more suiting than you thought! It’s consists of roasted barley and chocolate malts that combine for a brew that is as dark as its namesake, a healthy dosing of bittering hops and we send it off to the fermenter. It ended up at 1.085 SG. The roasted malts will help create a dryness from which the vanilla, cocoa, and cranberries can work from.



Don’t forget!
Noctis can be preordered until it runs out!
January’s Eggnogstic Stout is still available!
AND keep an eye out for the February competition, coming soon!


 final sketchNOCTIS

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