Brewing Update: Rum Barrel Aged Quad is aging away!

9.24.20 – We tasted the barrels! They still need more time… We are anticipating an early spring release!

3.16.20 – Barrels are here straight from Jamaica! One Love is heading in for a long slumber. We’ll check their progress in about 6 months.

2.23.20 – Brew Day! We had an awesome time with Mitch and his friends. Played a ton of games, ate great pizza and threw back a few beers all while brewing this amazing beer. Next stop – barrel aging.

2.5.20 – Labels are moving right along! Text is well underway and concepts are in the works! The recipe has also been finalized and we are working on sourcing fruit!

1.22.20 – One Love Bundt Cake Wins! Quit monkeying around! This Belgian Quad means business. Inspired by Caribbean Rum Cake, this Quad is brewed with honey then aged in rum barrels and refermented with raisins, cherries and a hint of vanilla. Congratulations, Mitch on an awesome beer idea and for coming out victorious in a neck and neck voting round.

Our crowdsourced beers are typically only brewed once! Once they are gone, they are gone! Be sure to order yours today!

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