Updates on Winning Crowdsourced Beers

The Ins and Outs of Aged Hops

Why use Aged Hops Hops are an essential part to any modern beer or homebrew. From IPA to Porter and Pilsner and everything in between, hops are used in all different ways to create all sorts of flavor. Hops are also used as a means of sanitation since they are...

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Man-Go Away! Double IPA With Mango Wins!

Brewing Update: February's Winner - Packaged! 4.29.17 - Packaging Day! The beer is going into bottles as we write! This Double IPA tastes great, the hops and mango balance perfectly. Just a little longer and it will be out the door. 4.10.17 - Do The Dry Hop! This beer...

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Ode to Sahti

Sahti was traditionally brewed in the villages of Finland as a farm house ale with ingredients that were readily available. It was brewed with grains and pine that were grown near the villages and fermented with, what was understood as, "magic" or wild yeast. We...

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The Blood of Acan – Packaged!

2/28/17 It's packaging day! The Stout tastes amazing. A beautiful blend of cayenne, coffee, cocoa and vanilla. We can not wait to get this beer shipped out. 2/11/17 This beer is happily fermenting away and we are getting ready to put in the cayenne pepper, coffee,...

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Formal Apology

Hello Everyone, As many may know, there was an offensive name of a user submitted beer in this month's vote; I would like to extend my deepest apologies for this. Our monthly vote lets people submit ideas for potential beers. The recipes are built off of the beer...

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Hop Cobbler Update: On Its Way!!

11/11/16 Hop Cobbler is packaged and ready to go!! It will be on its way to you soon! 10/10/16 Oh man! Fall is in the air and apples are in the beer! The apple addition has been completed. Once this baby finishes fermenting out we will be packaging and getting this...

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Aunt Hazel Update: Bottled!

05/21/17 Aunt Hazel has been bottled! This beer will be shipping out/ready for pickup soon! Hang on Stout lovers! Just a little longer! 03/24/17 Barrel tasting! This beer is tasting like it is just about ready to come out of barrels!! Don't get too excited, it will...

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Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival

It’s time to pull out your phones and block off June 18th, 2016. Why? Because it’s the annual Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival at Bayshore Town Center in Glendale. If you’ve never attended this beer festival, this is the year to rectify that! With over 30 Wisconsin...

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Give Dad the Gift of BEER!

MobCraft turns your ideas into beer. Users submit ideas for beer they want to try, and we develop a recipe. Each month the user submitted recipes go up for vote. The recipe that wins the voting round is brewed, and shipped to customers in 42 states. We are the only...

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Don’t Fear The Foil Update: Shipped!

7/25/16 Don't Fear the Foil is heading into bottles! Can not wait to get this beer out to you all! 7/03/16 This beer is lagering away!! 6/22/16 The brew for Don't Fear the Foil went really well! This all malt lager is happily fermenting away and is set to be released...

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Señor Bob Update: Shipped!

Senor Bob made a quick transition from barrels to its dry hop and into your hands. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do. Its smooth tequila goodness is subtle and lovely. 6/27/16 BARRELS!! Senor Bob has been put into its tequila barrels for its aging process!...

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Black Tart Outlaw Update: Shipped!

10/12/16 The long awaited day is finally here!! Black Tart Outlaw has been packaged and is on it's way out for all to enjoy!! This barrel aged beer is such a treat! We can't wait for you to try it. Well worth the wait 🙂 Cheers!! 08/16/16 - 09/22/16 The fruit has been...

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