Brewing Update: Ingredient Additions!

10.31.18 – Ingredients are in and we are almost ready to package. Hazelnut, vanilla beans, cacao nibs – YUMM. This beer will be heading your way soon and we can not wait!

10.10.18 – This beer is out of barrels! We have blended it into a tank and are preparing to add ingredients. Stay tuned!

8.15.18 – The barrels are progressing nicely! Probably a month or two and we will get it pulled out of barrels.

7.16.18 – Well in about a month we are going to sample Queen Hazel barrels for the first time. We can not wait to see how this Imperial Stout is coming along. We will keep you posted.

2.1.18 – The Queen has retired for a long slumber, in barrels that is. We will check to see how they are tasting in a few months. Stay tuned!

12.10.17 – It’s Brew day for this Queen! Leo and his friends are on their way up to visit from Chicago and brew this awesome hazelnut Milk Stout. It’s a gigantic brew! About 5,400 pounds of grain are going into this beer. That is equivalent to 4,150 squirrels! If you are into brewing squirrels – we don’t recommend it.

11.30.17 – Queen Hazel – Too much is not enough for this squirrel. The already decadent Aunt Hazel, filled with enough hazelnuts and vanilla to last a lifetime, demands more. Twice the vanilla, twice the hazelnut, and a hefty malt bill followed by an exquisite slumber in bourbon barrels, fit for a queen, gives us an imperial version of Aunt Hazel; Queen Hazel, long may she reign… Submitted by Leo F. out of Chicago, IL.

Our crowdsourced beers are typically only brewed once! Once they are gone, they are gone! Be sure to order your 2 or 4pk today!

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