Brewing Update: Packaged! Look for it in stores!

5.30.19 – The beer is packaged! Join us at the release June 15 in the taproom!

5.17.19 – Dry hopping Raspberry Pillows! Can not wait!!!

5.13.19 – Wellll there is not quite enough fruit… Adding more raspberry!

5.7.19 – Fruit is heading in! We’ve got over 1,000 lbs of raspberries heading into this beer! Plus some vanilla beans and ohh man… wish you could smell the brewery!

4.28.19 – Brew Day! We had an awesome time brewing this beer with John and his friends. Starting out with a nice IPA base with LOADS of lactose for all that sweet goodness. We will check back in for fruit additions!

3.27.19 – Raspberry Pillows Wins! Single-hopped Citra IPA with raspberries, vanilla and lactose. Soft, fluffy and delicious. Congratulations, John on an awesome beer idea and for coming out victorious for the second time!

Our crowdsourced beers are typically only brewed once! Once they are gone, they are gone! Be sure to order yours today!

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