Brewing Update: Release Day for Imperial Hefeweizen

9.19.17 – We are excited to announce that Screwdriver Hefe – Imperial Hefeweizen with Oranges is ready to rock! It is on draft in our taproom as well as available for pre-order pickup and shipping out shortly. CHEERS! Also, we would like to share what one of our beer writers has to say about this beer, PLUS some great pairing ideas:

Screwdriver Hefe is the newest crowdsourced kid on the block. This 9% imperial hefeweizen is bright, juicy, and bold, boasting a nose unapologetically ripe with orange juice, citrus peel, wheat notes and bread crust. The mouthfeel is pleasantly full with a yeast-heavy flavor that is bursting with fresh-squeezed orange juice, ground pepper, bread dough and a finishing twist reminiscent of bitter orange peel. All hail the beermosa emperor! – Nick R.

Pair with: Dinner – Fresh Citrus Salads, Light Fish, Shellfish, Beets, Lemon Risotto, Brunch Foods of Course! Cheese – Burrata, Feta, Chèvre, Gouda, Mozzarella, Brick, Edam Desserts – Banana Pudding, Lemon Bars, Strawberry Shortcake with Orange Zest

7.27.17 – It’s brew day! We are brewing with Andy and one of his homebrew friends. They are very excited to give all grain brewing a try on their homebrew set ups thanks to some advice from our production staff. We can not wait to see how this beer comes out! Now we just need to get that orange zest in here for some orangey goodness!!

6.29.17 – June’s Winner Screwdriver Hefe – An Imperial hefeweizen fermented with orange juice, orange zest and grains of paradise. Submitted by Andrew Wendt. We are looking forward to trying his home brew version of this beer. He is planning to use lemon in place of orange. Yumm! Stay tuned for brew day updates! We are gathering up all of the ingredients for this brew.

Be sure to pre-order your 2 or 4pk of this Imperial Hefeweizen with oranges.

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