Brewing Update: April’s Winner! Bottled and on its way!

2.28.18 – ALMOST THERE! Wahoo! It is almost time for these bottles to be released. March 9th, join us in the taproom at 6pm for the release party.

1.26.18 – Bottle conditioning has commenced! Adam, the head of our Wild & Sour Program here at MobCraft, has successfully packaged Sour Cherry Candy! It is bottle conditioning so the release will be a bit unpredictable depending on when it is adequately carbbed and tasting on point!

You may have noticed, the name has been shortened for ease and approachability out at market 🙂 Sour Cherry Candy will be heading your way soon!!

12.13.17 – We are getting close! It looks like Sour Cherry Candy will be released in February! This beer will be packaged later this month, then it needs a few weeks to bottle condition and it will be good to go!

11.1.17 – Sour Cherry Candy has been tasted – it is certainly taking its sweet time souring. The cherry flavor is on point but the tartness isn’t quite there. We are going to let the bugs keep doing their thing and check it in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

8.8.17 – MORE CHERRIES!!! We needed more cherries in this beer, so we added more! The beer is getting more sour and fruity as it hangs out.

6.7.17 – Cherries have arrived! Sour Cherry Candy will be blended with cherries today! It will then sit and age while it develops the perfect sour flavors we want out of this sour ale.

5.9.17 – This beer has been brewed! It will finish fermenting out in the sour room with a blend of souring microorganisms. Cherries have been ordered and they are on their way! We are so excited to try this beer!!!

4.28.17 – April’s winner is Sour Cherry Candy Sour – A sublime take on an old German process. A classic sour with a bright, sweet cherry twist. Perfect served cold on a summer day – sour for depth and sweet juicy cherries to tickle your tongue. Submitted by Jason Moody, this beer is inspired by a trip he took to Germany – “They loved to serve sour beers. But they would put a fruit syrup in them.” Jason says. This Sour Ale will be reminiscent of that traditional German style.

Be sure to pre-order your 2 or 4pk of this Sour Ale with Sweet Cherries.

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