Single’s Awareness Day Soured is out of here!


Soooo its not Valentine’s Day anymore, we got together with Jeff (the submitter of the beer and started spitballing ideas for names) after a few back and forths we can up with “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Brew Banana” Then when we couldn’t think of an image for that we settled on the slight tweak “Orange You Glad You Weren’t Beat Up By A Banana?” Why? We don’t quite know thats just the way it is…



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As always, the monthly winner

can be preordered until it runs out!

Noctis, Eggnogstic Stout, &

Orange You Glad You Weren’t Beat Up By A Banana

are all still available!

The newest label art!

unnamed label                                                                                                                      final label

The final label!

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