Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s time to prepare that turkey.  Well, this year, lets think outside the box with a MobCraft Beer Brined Turkey!  The September crowdsourced Uncle T’s English Caramel Ale fits the bill with some nice malty flavors.  For those of you who are new to this, brining is worth the effort.  It adds additional flavor and moisture into the turkey.  You will need to plan about a week out.  Before placing the turkey in brine, it needs to be thawed, which can take 3 – 5 days pending the size.

Check out the brining process in action:

This could be your turkey this year!

IMG_3935_sm IMG_3943_sm IMG_3947_sm

Hungry yet?  I know I am! Head on over to the GrillinGeeks site to grab the recipe and prep your bird for this years feast:  MobCraft Beer Brined Turkey.

And let’s not forget about the sides, check out the Baked Beer Stuffing recipe too!

Check out this month’s contenders and cast your vote on what MobCraft Brews this month!

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